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How to rock every book sale you attend. Part 1.

Book sales
One of my favorite ways of book sourcing is attending book sales.
Since you already know how to find those book sales (with the help of BookSalesFound), I want to give you a few tips on how to rock every book sale you attend. 
Here are some tips you should know before you go:

1. Prepare and plan ahead of time.

When choosing a book sale in BookSalesFound, give preference to the exclusive sales. It may well be that you’re the only dealer at those sales.
Plan your route and pack your car the day before you go. Bring a few heavy-duty tote bags, or a backpack to carry books to your car (I don’t recommend cardboard boxes, they are difficult to carry).
Prepare some food and water so you have everything you need while you are there.

2. Choose and check your scouting equipment.

There’s a few options of scouting tools: smartphone scanning apps, Bluetooth scanners, PDA scanners. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.
I have a blog post on this topic – – where I broke down pros & cons of the most popular scanning tools. It’ll help you choose which setup will work better for you.
Whatever scouting tool you choose, make sure your equipment/app is updated and your phone is fully charged. I recommend getting a portable phone battery to prevent your phone from dying in the middle of the sale.

3. Bring help.

More than one pair of hands go through twice as many books in half the time. Ask someone to come and help you scan books. Make a fun *and profitable* road trip out of it 😉

4. Call in advance.

Make sure that the date and time are correct. Find out if they have a preview sale, VIP sales at a certain time, restock on a certain day, or a special deal on the last day.

5. Take cash.

Some library book sales do accept credit cards, but a vast majority of them still don’t. So bring some cash with you, preferably in smaller bills, to give exact change and avoid feverish running about in search for the nearest ATM.

6. Volunteer at book sales.

Join The Friends of the Library which is a volunteer organization that most libraries have. As a volunteer sometimes you will be allowed to make purchases before the book sale starts or even a day earlier. Also, since you’re helping with a setup of the sale,  you’ll get your hands on the books first, which gives you a huge leg up.
These are all the tips I have regarding the “before a book sale” preparation. In my next blog post, I’ll give you advice on what to do at a book sale to get the most out of it.
Meanwhile, please leave your comments in the comment section below with your own tips on how to rock book sales: how do you prepare for a book sale, what do you take with you? Your input would be appreciated!
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